The Lay Of The Land

Wanderlust Weekend is an opportunity to showcase your imaginative creations all while increasing your SIM traffic.

We are all about sprinkling magic throughout Second Life!


1.  Please visit the Payment Center at the Enchantment Office and pay your rental at the beginning of your chosen week. {If the month happens to have 5 weeks, you can sign up on the  Week Five board as well at any time, if you so choose} Rental is 1500L.

2.  Please place your creation near or at your MainStore’s entrance, ensuring that it is highly visible. The Wanderlust Event Sign should be placed near it to help with visibility.

3.  Please have your designated creation set out by 11:55 PM Friday SLT Saturday through till 11:59 PM SLT Sunday.

4.  Please price your item for 50 Lindens or less. If the item is from a set, you are more than welcome to encourage up sales by placing the rest of the set / fatpack / or similar items at full price along side the Wanderlust Weekend item.

5.  You will be provided with a Notecard that lists the 24 other participating stores, a Link to the free Wanderlust TP HUD on MarketPlace, and Wanderlust Weekend basic information to send out to your groups and/or subscribo list.

6.  Distribute your Wanderlust Weekend item to your Bloggers at *least* 2 days before the weekend to give them time to publicize the creation.

7.  Creators participate once every four weeks; with the exception of months that contain five weeks. On those months we will put up a ‘first come first serve’ sign next to the Wanderlust Weekend Payment center. Simply buy a box and place your logo to save your spot for the last weekend of the month.

8.  PLEASE mark on your calendars with the Week Number that you chose. This will always be your slot. Example: If you chose WEEK ONE you will always participate on WEEK ONE of every month.

Above all … make everything magical 🙂

If you need anything at all just ask Duchess Flux or Brokenlovely Resident